A Warm Welcome!


"I can't believe that myself and children picked up a Cornet for the very first time in July and are already able to join in with the band. If anyone would love for themselves and/or child to be able to play an instrument but are worried about the cost involved this is a fab way to get involved. It's definitely lots of fun!!!" ~Ayant

Friends and Fun

Our weekly practice each Thursday from 6.45 till 7.45 is aimed at almost beginner level up to about grade 3, but higher grades are of course welcome.
We are still looking for new players and have a good range of quality instruments that we can loan out.
If you are interested but have never played a brass instrument before then we are in a position to offer lessons to help get you started and ready to join the group.
We are a very friendly group and everyone is made to feel very welcome.

If you feel a little unsure or nervous about attending then you are welcome to just come for a chat.
Our philosophy is to develop good brass playing skills in a fun supportive environment.

If you presently play a brass instrument or have played one in the past and fancy giving it another go then why not come along. If you are interested then please get in touch or drop by.


Acorn Brass

Every Thursday evening at 6.45 - 7.45pm
at Kempston East Methodist Church
227 Bedford Road
MK42 8DA

Not a player but want to start?
Played a brass instrument previously, but not for a while?
Competent player looking for a local band?

Please contact us if you wish to come along.


For all enquiries, please use this form.